Lessons from Retail Brands on How to Thrive During a Recession

There’s so much uncertainty in the economy right now as the nation begins to emerge from shelter-in-place mode. As consumers resume normal(ish) buying habits, what do the next several months hold for brands in the natural food and beverage space? For some insight, we’re looking back to our experience during the Great Recession of 2008–2010. […]

7 Things You Should Do Now to Ensure a Successful 2020 for Your Naturals Brand

While we think we’re pretty good at identifying trends and opportunities for our food and beverage clients, we can’t foretell the future with certainty. What we can see, though, is a number of smart strategic steps marketers and leaders of mission-driven food and beverage brands can be doing now to position their businesses to thrive […]

Pivot Your Brand to Thrive in a Down Economy

“We are here for you.” “We are all in this together.” Claims of unity and common purpose are ubiquitous across all marketing channels now (accompanied by soft piano music and photos of people smiling behind their face masks). It’s hard to differentiate brands and campaigns; everyone’s singing from the same song sheet. But what comes […]

How to Navigate Brand Change, When Your Sales or Operations Team Dominate the Conversation

Some of the organizations we work with are veritable marketing machines, built on the strategic thinking and specialized discipline that drive modern better-for-you brands. Others are operations- or sales-centric, focused on chasing opportunity and ROI. Not that there’s anything wrong with either, of course. But in ops- or sales-driven corporate cultures, marketing takes a backseat, […]

Consumer Facing Leadership Strategies for Better-For-You Brands in Times of Crisis

Today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different still. It’s going to be this way for a while; we just don’t know how long. Among the multitude of companies, brands, consultants, and friends offering advice during this crisis, we offer these insights and reassurances for better-for-you brand leaders. What this Crisis Looks Like […]

Better-for-You Brand Marketers: Don’t Ignore Boomers

In most marketer circles, it’s not sexy to talk about marketing to the Baby Boomer generation: they seem too old, stuck in their ways, out of step with modern ideas. Instead, brands chase millennials — the on-the-go tastemakers who are all over Instagram — and Gen Zers, whose world views align with mission-driven BFY brands. […]

Better-for-You Brands: Quit Playing Small

Occasionally in our work, we encounter a curious phenomenon: We’ve completed deep-dive brand strategy work with a client in the better-for-you space, and laid the foundation for them to achieve growth. Everyone’s committed to the new strategic direction. And yet when it comes time to execute — a packaging refresh or marketing strategy or advertising buy — […]

Is Your Brand Speaking Consistently to Everyone, Everywhere?

As a marketer in the better-for-you space, you may recognize that your brand is fractured in the real world – that it delivers different experiences to customers in different channels. It’s a common affliction for BFY brands, especially those that are in startup mode or emerging from that phase. These brands tend to have limited […]

Doing Brand Strategy: When Can You Delay, When Must You Act?

Marketing is a discipline of campaigns and deployment and deadlines, so it’s easy to get caught in the swirl of urgency and lose sight of what’s important. The world moves fast for better-for-you brands, especially emerging ones, so leadership tends to bypass one of the most important tasks: building a strong strategic foundation for the […]

Positioning Your DTC Brand for Traditional Retail

Decades ago, technology rewrote the old business adage, “he who has the most gold wins,” to “he who owns the factory wins.” But huge capital and production capacity are no longer real barriers to entry. The new truth is this: She who has the idea — the brand — wins. And nowhere is that concept […]

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