How to Increase Your Food or Beverage Brand’s Shelf Presence

We often say that package design is like curating your online persona: Everyone knows that there’s a messy life that goes on behind the idealized, perfect story you’re sharing on Instagram … but nobody’s got time for that. The same goes for food and beverage brands. There’s so much that happens behind the scenes in […]

For Wellness & Better-for-you Brands, Gen X Spends the Most

Generation X: What a boring title for a group that ushered in the use of cell phones, home video games, microwaves, and cable TV. Gen X is that “old generation” now, creeping up into their 50’s, and uncool (clearly) to the younger generations. And in many marketers’ eyes, Gen X is even less relevant. In fact, […]

Naturals Brands: Show Consumers the Love!

When I was 7, my dad was driving our family of six kids through Idaho in a Winnebago. My dad took us to the campground souvenir shack and got us all an Idaho Spud candy bar. To this day, I remember the pine needles, the picnic tables, the smell of the campfire, and the bug […]

When and Where are the Most Powerful Times to Use Consumer Insights

Our experience with clients has shown us that when it comes to consumer data, there are two camps. Some organizations can’t make the simplest decision without tons of research to back it up; some disregard research entirely and go with gut instinct. Of course, the reality is that Beloved & Dominant naturals brands make the best decisions […]

COVID is Hitting Millennials Hard. Here’s How to Market to Them Now

Every demographic group has faced its own set of challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, from health concerns to economic hardship to personal stress. But experts suggest that millennials have been hit especially hard. So what you think you know about this demographic group—and how to reach them—may have changed in this unprecedented time. First, let’s […]

Brand Slam Episode 2 – The Life Cycle of Better-For-You Brands

Learn the category audit techniques these leading brands have leveraged to average triple-digit growth. In this episode of Brand Slam we will cover how better-for-you brands can move from First and Only to Beloved and Dominant. As covered in David’s book, Beloved and Dominant Brands, the brand ecosystem allows you to develop a realistic, unbiased […]

The Brand Ecosystem: A Roadmap for Strategic Marketing Communication

When marketers, CEOs, or investors come to us for help with their challenged better-for-you brands, they’re feeling some kind of acute pain: consumers aren’t buying, retailers aren’t stocking, competition isn’t slowing down. They think they have a problem with innovation or packaging or the logo. But the first step in our strategic consultation — the […]

Put a Wrap On It: The Rise of Packaging in Fresh Food

As consumers become more in tune with how and where their food is grown these days, the perception of food packaging has shifted — thus opening the door for brands to radically innovate in design and messaging to entice new buyers. Shoppers are looking more closely at certifications to ensure products are made with trusted […]

Better-for-you Brands are Missing Their Biggest Market Opportunity

If you’re working inside a natural food or beverage brand, chances are you’re a natural products fan, yourself. So you assume that the marketplace embraces natural, too. But not everyone does. Not by a long shot. That disconnect hit me during a recent business trip through the Midwest: Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. As I usually […]

The “Old” Versus “New” Design Language of Healthy Brands

Up until the last several years, there was a specific formula for the package design of natural and healthy food products. The target market of conscious consumers was small and looked for a very particular set of design cues to signal the niche natural food category. However, nowadays, these brands are making healthy living more accessible to […]

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