For Wellness & Better-for-you Brands, Gen X Spends the Most

Generation X: What a boring title for a group that ushered in the use of cell phones, home video games, microwaves, and cable TV. Gen X is that “old generation” now, creeping up into their 50’s, and uncool (clearly) to the younger generations. And in many marketers’ eyes, Gen X is even less relevant. In fact, […]

COVID is Hitting Millennials Hard. Here’s How to Market to Them Now

Every demographic group has faced its own set of challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, from health concerns to economic hardship to personal stress. But experts suggest that millennials have been hit especially hard. So what you think you know about this demographic group—and how to reach them—may have changed in this unprecedented time. First, let’s […]

White Paper: Navigating Brand Disruption

Covid Series: Vol 01 Why it’s time to develop a brand-driven strategy to future-proof your brand. Learn why food, beverage, and wellness brands are rethinking their fragmented strategies that hinder their marketplace performance in the face of unexpected disruption. Businesses who are relying on the four P’s of marketing are especially subject to disruptions in […]

Better-for-You Brand Marketers: Don’t Ignore Boomers

In most marketer circles, it’s not sexy to talk about marketing to the Baby Boomer generation: they seem too old, stuck in their ways, out of step with modern ideas. Instead, brands chase millennials — the on-the-go tastemakers who are all over Instagram — and Gen Zers, whose world views align with mission-driven BFY brands. […]

How Brands Can Improve Consumer Package Testing

It’s the singular, make-or-break moment for a better-for-you brand: The consumer has browsed the category, scanned the shelf, and picked up your product. Now, will she buy? Ascertaining whether she’s likely to buy — and if not, why not — is the essence of package testing for consumer goods. Package testing helps new brands form […]

Essentia Water Brand Strategy Case Study: When the Revolution is an Evolution

The natural channel of better-for-you beverage brands is exploding. But it’s important to note that being the best-selling brand at Whole Foods in this category doesn’t necessarily equate to profit and meaningful growth. So how do you increase market share and grow your brand while keeping your loyalists (both internally and externally) and invite the […]

Your Brand is on Life Support. What Now?

When a brand has backed itself into a corner in consumers’ minds, often the internal team is the last to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s painful to realize that the brand has been disrupted by changing marketplace conditions, that competitors have taken root, that buyers have moved on. At that point, there may […]

Seeking Growth in the World of Conscientious Consumers

Millennials embrace brands that promise something bigger than product: environmental sustainability, fair trade and employment, transparent practices, whole ingredients. You might think that this “conscientious consumerism” is a new-ish thing, born into fashion with this generation. But it’s not. It’s decades old. And it has different flavors, with different implications for your brand. The Birth […]

Improve Testing by Leaning on Brand Strategy

Keeping your packaging design relevant and effective in an ever-changing market can be daunting. With the pressure on, we continue to see our clients look to consumer testing to guide their next move, looking for quantifiable metrics to help guide the way. The downside is that the results you get from testing could give you […]

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