What’s Your Language Saying about your Brand?

If language builds and binds cultures, why shouldn’t it be used to build and bind cults around brands? Think about the power of words. If I use specific words in a specific way, it builds an image in your mind. It paints a picture. It has meaning. Words tell stories and humankind responds to storytelling, […]

Delivering Brand Promises Through Great Packaging

In his latest article, Mr. Lemley challenges marketers to go beyond adequate packaging. To think beyond drowning people with feature and benefits that appeal to the customer’s rational thought process but to their emotions. Mr. Lemley: “Well-executed package design not only appeals to consumers’ rational thought process but to their emotions which trumps features and […]

From Bland to Grand: Packaging that Does More than Sport a New Look

You’d think that when it comes to sports and outdoor merchandise, packaging would pack a punch. But we’re just not feeling it. Can’t even bear to look at the sea of wimpy, tired-looking packaging examples out there that trying to drown consumers with feature and benefit claims. So much packaging to refresh; so little time […]

Use Design as Theater to Create User-Centered Packaging Experience

It is no longer enough to be merely purchased and consumed, products have to relate to customers in a way that creates brand loyalty and longevity as an expression of the consumers’ life. If “all the world’s a stage,” then brand managers need to think like playwrights, CEOs need to become producers and brands need […]

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