Brand Slam Episode 5 – featuring Plant Works

Brand Slam 5 – Finding Your True Audience and Standing Out in a Crowded Category Download now to watch this fun and informative webinar where we audit Plant Works’ brand ecosystem and identify gaps, highlight opportunities and help the team understand where to focus her marketing spend. Brand Slam was created by Retail Voodoo to […]

Food Trends & Innovation: Branding Will Decide the Winners at Expo West

Trends. Are you tired of following the whiplash of what’s next in food? No? Me neither. My favorite trade show of the year, Expo West (or better known as the Natural Foods Expo), is just around the corner. This show touts itself on being “the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event,” and it is frankly […]

Diet Coke’s Rebrand: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Article after article has praised Diet Coke for making this “bold” move. However, most fail to recognize the flawed strategy behind the design and potential dangers in some of their design and messaging decisions. Diet Coke’s new look aims to attract health-conscious millennials by adding four new flavors, modernizing the typography of the Coke logo, […]

The Unrealistic Luxury of Conscious Consumerism

The idea of conscious consumerism is inherently elitist. It’s a first world club for city dwellers who make enough money to be worried about where their $300 tee-shirt is sourced from. Yes, sometimes worrying is a luxury. For a much larger portion of the world, worrying is devoted to making sure there is enough food […]

Brand Extensions: Worth Doing or Not?

Quick: how many new brand extensions made an impact on you last year? Can’t remember many, if any, can you? That’s the problem. So many new products come out and fail; So few are memorable. Even fewer are hits. It’s just too tempting. That’s why brands repeatedly go out on the proverbial limb and extend […]

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