Do Third-Party Certifications Matter for Food & Beverage Brands?

Are Food & Beverage Brand Third-Party Certifications Worth It?

I was recently talking shop with a friend who works for a retailer about how they choose new brands to carry. Off the cuff, she mentioned that the organization was questioning the value of certifications in their selection process. Our conversation mirrored some thinking I’ve been doing about how certification applies to my own business. […]

Massive Innovation is Coming to Food and Beverage. Is Your Brand Ready?

2021 will launch more innovation at one time than we’ve seen in a while. Here’s how to prepare your brand for the competition. By switching to a brand-driven innovation strategy, better-for-you brand owners are future-proofing their business and retooling for growth. Download this white paper to learn how to: Get this exclusive report brought to […]

Better-for-you Brands are Missing Their Biggest Market Opportunity

If you’re working inside a natural food or beverage brand, chances are you’re a natural products fan, yourself. So you assume that the marketplace embraces natural, too. But not everyone does. Not by a long shot. That disconnect hit me during a recent business trip through the Midwest: Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. As I usually […]

The 6 Marketing Ingredients of a Naturals Brand

The “4 Ps” model has been a foundation of marketing management since the 1960s: Product + Price + Place + Promotion = Marketing If you manufacture a product, price it right, make it accessible to shoppers, and spread the word about it, you make the sale. Easy. We’re here to declare this 50-year-old formula dead. […]

The Value of a Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Consumer Brands

If you had to decide between buying a bag of coffee from a brand that supports sustainable farming in Nicaragua or buying from a conglomerate giant, which would you choose? All else being equal, there’s almost no contest. Statistically (and anecdotally) speaking, we know that consumers connect more deeply with and are more likely to […]

How and Why You Should Target Generation Z Through Branding

Predicting market trends and anticipating consumer shifts can make or break your company. However, we’re so often hyper-focused on what’s happening right in front of us, we forget to look ahead. Don’t let Gen Z sneak up on you – arm yourself early with data and resources to engage this consumer base effectively and powerfully. […]

Three Ways to Honor Your Brand’s Heritage While Looking to the Future

In a world where Amazon-Whole Foods and Apple are now the old-guard brands, how can your brand’s past become an asset that connects with employees and customers living a modern life? Heritage brands today are losing relevance as newer, more transparent, baggage-less brands capture the modern consumer’s imagination. These new options can feel more authentic […]

Using Values to Differentiate & Define Your Brand

Brand values impact relationships and reputation – two key business assets that are earned (rather than bought). When the marketplace is cluttered and consumers have tiny attention spans, brands must bring something more valuable to customers than their product or service. They must connect with consumers through shared principles. Ethos can best be described as […]

Brand Purpose: The Key to a Cult Following

It’s no secret that everybody yearns to be a part of something greater than themselves, their loved ones and their work. But it does seem to be a secret to many brands. So let us tell you: not only can brands do well by doing good; they can, in fact, create devoted, avid cults around […]

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