Good Creative Lasts a Moment. Great Strategy Lasts for Years.

You’re in a hurry. There’s a deadline, perhaps a category review with your primary retail partner. Or maybe a new CMO wants to put their stamp on the product. So you want a new package design for your food and beverage product, and you want it now. A new package or identity is exhilarating. It […]

Time to Break the Cycle of Bland Branding

Eighteen months or so ago, I wrote a piece that advocated for the “bland brand” trend to end. And here we are, still mired in the look, and I’m saying: Enough already.   Enough of the clean Helvetica type and the quirky scripts. The sea of beiges, plums, and mauves. The social media feeds popping with […]

How To Use Strategy as a Benchmark for Evaluating Creative

I’m just not feeling it. I’d like to see a different shade of blue. I love it! In food and beverage marketing (in any field, really), the output of the creative process is highly subjective. We look at design assets — logo, packaging, social advertising — from the perspective of our own likes and dislikes. […]

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