Wondering What It’s Like to Work with Us?

Fit and results are the biggest factors when you’re looking for a marketing partner. You may be asking yourself, “What is it like to work with Retail Voodoo?” This white paper shares the reasons why brand and marketing leaders come to us for guidance. It gives you a sense of how we might work together […]

Making Bold Strategic Moves, Even When You Can’t Foresee the Results

‘Burning platform.’ It’s a phrase I haven’t heard for a while, but it’s popping back up again, maybe because we’re in a period of upheaval for CPG brands. It’s a metaphor for taking action even though we don’t fully know the consequences. (To give you a more vivid description, it came from an explosion on […]

Your Brand’s Growth Opportunity Is Not Where You Think It Is

Whitespace gets its own square on the Business Buzzword Bingo card. Brand managers and C-suiters use it to describe an almost mythical place where their companies have room to maneuver at will, where their competitors can’t get a toehold. I can assure you that whitespace is not a myth. You’re just looking for it in […]

Your Company’s Acquired a Brand. Now what?

Your organization’s portfolio of brands has just grown. And the new brand is about to land in your lap. Depending on your role, you might feel exhilaration … or panic. If you’re with an equity company and about to become the manager of this new brand, you’re thinking: How fast can I move to scale […]

5 Consumer Research Tools & What They Tell You

As we dive into a new year, we’re advising the brands we work with to make bold yet highly calculated moves for growth. Revisit your retail strategy. Upgrade your product formulations. And reach for new audiences. Finding new consumers — without losing meaningful numbers of your longtime fans — may seem like the biggest hurdle […]

Attracting New Customers Doesn’t Mean Losing Longtime Fans

“Don’t lose our power users!” It’s the No. 1 concern we hear from brand executives who come to us for help building their business. Here’s the problem, though: Your power users, your longtime fans, your core customers — they’re a fixed universe. Keeping them, and only them, happy is not the ticket to growth and […]

Recession Coming? Now’s the Time to Be Bold & Smart

It seems like every news outlet is full of doom and gloom: inflation, rising interest rates, a likely impending recession, global food scarcity, war. Media outlets are feeding our sense of despair — their business model is built on keeping us distressed so we tune in — and so society’s malaise is self-reinforcing. Here’s the […]

What Looks Risky Might Actually Be Really Smart

On Black Friday of 2011, Patagonia famously placed a full-page ad in The New York Times with the headline, “Don’t Buy This Jacket.” Below the fold, copy explained the company’s Common Threads Initiative, which emphasizes reduction, repair, reuse, and recycling of materials in its supply chain and manufacturing. In one of my MBA classes recently, […]

The Art & Science of Killer Brand Taglines

For a food or beverage brand, a tagline has the power to capture consumers’ attention in a fractured, fast-moving world. A killer tagline is also incredibly difficult to come up with — especially if you’re trying to bolt a magic phrase onto an existing (or nonexistent) brand strategy.  We think of a great tagline as […]

How to Shape a Food or Beverage Brand’s Tone & Voice

How to Build a Food or Beverage Brand’s Tone & Voice

If you’ve been reading our stuff lately, you know we’ve been on a mission to convince food and beverage marketers that creative expression must flow from brand strategy. Every. Single. Time. For the most part, we’ve been talking about visual interpretation—design. Now I’d like to cover something adjacent but different: the brand’s verbal expression, language, […]

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