Understand the Stacking Effect of Brand Values, Brand Equity, and Brand Value

Marketers and brand managers face tons of pressure to be “boardroom-ready” — to look smart and think on their feet in front of the C-suite. That’s created a sort of buzzword stew, where business terms get used interchangeably. I’m thinking of terms like value and equity. People think they know what the lingo means, but […]

Your Marketing Team Needs to Pivot Quickly. We Can Help.

I’ve recently been having convos with my contacts in the CPG world, and here’s what I’m sniffing: Companies are reducing staff, quietly (not like the headline-grabbing layoffs in tech). And the first departments getting hit are creative and marketing. You may be feeling this pinch yourself. Here’s the thing: The people may be gone, but […]

Your Brand’s Success Depends on a Great Team Culture

It’s not uncommon for CPG or FMCG brand leaders to come to us for help with an external problem such as sluggish sales, aggressive competition or disinterested retailers. However, we often find that the problem behind the problem turns out to be an internal one. Employees are disengaged from the work and disconnected from the […]

Recession Coming? Now’s the Time to Be Bold & Smart

It seems like every news outlet is full of doom and gloom: inflation, rising interest rates, a likely impending recession, global food scarcity, war. Media outlets are feeding our sense of despair — their business model is built on keeping us distressed so we tune in — and so society’s malaise is self-reinforcing. Here’s the […]

The Formula for Taking DTC Brands to Brick-and-Mortar Retail

You’ve got a killer product, a packaging system that looks fantastic on social media, a cohort of fans who flock to your site and gobble up every new flavor you drop, and a pile of data on those customers. You’ve got a thriving direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand. Good on you! DTC is a great proving ground […]

What’s the Problem: Your Brand Strategy or Your Marketing Tactics?

Your latest campaign isn’t driving the velocity you expected. Instead of growing your sales, the new flavor you’ve introduced is cannibalizing your legacy product. Your leading retail outlet is preparing to launch a private label version of your offering. If your food or beverage brand is facing headwinds, do you know if the problem is […]

How do I address the market shifts I suspect are happening?

The better-for-you food and beverage categories — indeed, the wider consumer packaged goods marketplace — have shown repeatedly that consumer preferences change unpredictably. And those changes happen more quickly today than even five years ago. For marketing and growth executives, that means simply buying and reading the latest trends report is no longer enough to […]

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