Brand Slam Episode 1 featuring RECIPE 33

Brand Slam Episode 1: Understanding Common Barriers to Brand Relevance in 2020 Learn the category audit techniques these leading brands have leveraged to average triple-digit growth. In this episode you will meet RECIPE 33 founder, Dan Smith. As a 20-year CPG industry veteran, Dan created RECIPE 33 to innovate an old-fashioned industry (snack nuts). The brand’s […]

7 Things You Should Do Now to Ensure a Successful 2020 for Your Naturals Brand

While we think we’re pretty good at identifying trends and opportunities for our food and beverage clients, we can’t foretell the future with certainty. What we can see, though, is a number of smart strategic steps marketers and leaders of mission-driven food and beverage brands can be doing now to position their businesses to thrive […]

How to Navigate Brand Change, When Your Sales or Operations Team Dominate the Conversation

Some of the organizations we work with are veritable marketing machines, built on the strategic thinking and specialized discipline that drive modern better-for-you brands. Others are operations- or sales-centric, focused on chasing opportunity and ROI. Not that there’s anything wrong with either, of course. But in ops- or sales-driven corporate cultures, marketing takes a backseat, […]

Better-for-You Brand Marketers: Don’t Ignore Boomers

In most marketer circles, it’s not sexy to talk about marketing to the Baby Boomer generation: they seem too old, stuck in their ways, out of step with modern ideas. Instead, brands chase millennials — the on-the-go tastemakers who are all over Instagram — and Gen Zers, whose world views align with mission-driven BFY brands. […]

Is Your Brand Speaking Consistently to Everyone, Everywhere?

As a marketer in the better-for-you space, you may recognize that your brand is fractured in the real world – that it delivers different experiences to customers in different channels. It’s a common affliction for BFY brands, especially those that are in startup mode or emerging from that phase. These brands tend to have limited […]

Building a Strong Strategic Foundation for a Better-for-You Brand

Your marketing team has deployed a super-creative social campaign that’s generating lots of likes. Your brand has been the recipient of some positive media coverage over the past year. Maybe you’ve invested in a packaging refresh. And yet, these communication efforts aren’t translating into the sales boost your leadership is expecting. If you feel like […]

How Marketers Can Influence Innovation in Better-For-You Brands

Innovation is the lifeblood of any brand hoping to achieve long-term relevance. After all, how can you pursue meaningful growth if you’re not offering products that appeal to consumers beyond your current audience? How can you keep your devotees in the fold if you don’t delight them with new things they didn’t know they needed? […]

Your Brand Isn’t a Marketing Asset. It’s a Business Essential

We’ve been thinking (and writing) about brand a lot lately. Not just because it’s the heart of what we do, but because so many really smart people we encounter misunderstand or misinterpret the concept. They interchange the words ‘brand’ and ‘branding,’ mistaking the thing, a strategy-driven business asset, for the activity, the tactical approach of deploying that […]

Founder Fears Associated with Private Equity and Acquisitions

Better-for-you food and beverage has become the investment world’s industry darling. And with good reason. All but the most resistant non-believer understands that what we eat and drink and do to stay active have a direct impact on our health. Combine this with the pace of change that technology affords entrepreneurial business, combined with the […]

The 6 Marketing Ingredients of a Naturals Brand

The “4 Ps” model has been a foundation of marketing management since the 1960s: Product + Price + Place + Promotion = Marketing If you manufacture a product, price it right, make it accessible to shoppers, and spread the word about it, you make the sale. Easy. We’re here to declare this 50-year-old formula dead. […]

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