Food & Beverage Companies: Time to Go from Bland to Brand

If you’ve walked the health and beauty aisle at Target in the past few years (back when leisurely strolling a retail store was an everyday occurrence), you’ve seen the rise of a particular brand aesthetic. Lots of whitespace, sans serif type, an absent logo, soft modern colors. Designers and marketers have dubbed this aesthetic “blanding” — a […]

Does Your Naturals Brand Have a Mission? Or Just a Mission Statement?

Type “how to write a mission statement” into Google’s search field, and it’ll return 434,000,000 results. Clearly, there’s a lot of advice out there for writing a mission statement. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about capital-M Mission: Your brand’s true purpose. It’s easy to have a mission statement. It’s harder to […]

Naturals Brands: Is Your Charismatic Founder Helping or Hurting the Business?

We’re just gonna make a bold statement here: If the sole reason for your company’s success is the actual, physical presence of the founder — during visits with retail partners, sales meetings at trade shows, in-store demonstrations — then you have a branding problem. Because when that charismatic founder/owner isn’t in the room, the wind […]

The RIGHT Strategic Partner for your Naturals Brand

There are times when even the smallest business decision feels like life or death. When, despite your experience, smarts, and leadership position you hear that voice that says: What if I get this wrong? Happens all the time. We’ve seen companies delay (often for years) committing to an initiative or innovation because executives can’t make […]

Brand Slam | Call For Entries for Season Two

Retail Voodoo is recruiting participants for Season 2 of Brand Slam – Episodes starting March 2021. CPG brands spend a lot of time telling consumers how different they are. And with the brand world changing faster than ever, the fundamentals of brand building are receiving scrutiny. What is a brand anyway? A logo? An idea? An […]

White Paper: DTC for CPG Brands

Why it’s time to use DTC to establish a first-party data strategy to increase your CPG Brands brand’s relevance. Learn why food, beverage, and wellness brands are rethinking their DTC strategies to include consumer insights. As CPG Businesses have come to DTC marketing’s new frontier many leaders are looking to answer critical questions about their […]

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