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Accelerating Today, Owning Tomorrow with Jess Akers

Jess Akers is a leader in commerce innovation at General Mills, the parent brand to some of the most well-known food and CPG brands on the planet. The continued growth of e-commerce and the changing expectations of consumers in the digital age has kept her at the forefront of change in the food sector. By applying agile marketing techniques and technology to learn at the pace and scale of global business, she is on a quest to provide connected consumer experiences.

In this episode, Jess shares about her role at General Mills, as well as her career journey to becoming a leader in commerce innovation. She discusses the importance of continued innovation and how she takes advantage of every opportunity to make sure the brands she works with will be competitive in the market.

Today’s episode is hosted by Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo, connect with her on LinkedIn:

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Accelerating Today, Owning Tomorrow with Jess Akers

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Roles and responsibilities as a leader of commerce innovation
The importance of innovation and technology and how these things provide a competitive edge
The milestones and lessons learned throughout her career journey


Jess Akers
Global Commerce Innovation Manager, General Mills


00:00 | Introduction
03:14 | General Mills
04:13 | Commerce Innovation
05:20 | Finding Ways to Think Different
08:18 | The E-Commerce Evolution
10:51 | Speed Learning
13:54 | Changing & Impacting the Marketplace
16:43 | Career Achievements
22:16 | Inspirational Advice
27:09 | Tech Trends to Watch
28:37 | Learn More about Jess Akers and General Mills

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