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Learning to Love Good Fats featuring Suzie Yorke, Love Good Fats

Many people spend their grocery trips searching for the little green “fat-free” label. In an effort to live healthy, is cutting out fats really the best answer?

Suzie Yorke spent years avoiding butter, hamburgers, and eggs because of the high fat content. She spent her free time running Ironman races and triathlons, so it seemed natural to seek the best possible diet. But amid rising blood pressure and IBS flare-ups, her body gave her a clear warning sign — this is not working. Suzie discovered The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz and flipped to a high-fat, low-carb diet. When she realized the rest of the world needed this same diet, she decided, “Well, we don’t need another book. We need a product.” Thus, Love Good Fats was born.

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, host Diana Fryc is joined by Suzie Yorke, Founder and Board Member of Love Good Fats, to discuss her journey to produce convenient snacks with healthy fats. Suzie talks about the early days of pitching the idea, finding investors, and how her previous experience with Frito Lay and Weight Watchers gave her the right knowledge to start Love Good Fats. Plus, Suzie opens up about why life on the autism spectrum doesn’t have to limit you.

In this episode we learn: 

  • Suzie Yorke shares why she started Love Good Fats
  • Finding investors and learning to believe in her own idea
  • How Suzie’s previous brand-building experience prepared her for the creation of Love Good Fats
  • Why being on the autism spectrum isn’t as limiting as one might think
  • Spreading awareness of high-functioning autism
  • Suzie’s proudest moment for Love Good Fats
  • What’s next for Love Good Fats?
Gooder Podcast

Learning to Love Good Fats featuring Suzie Yorke, Love Good Fats

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About Suzie Yorke

Suzie Yorke is a Board Member and Founder of Love Good Fats. Additionally, Suzie is a triathlete, 11-time Ironman finisher, yogi, marketing executive, mom of four, and a proud supporter of the LGBT community. Love Good Fats was born out of the pursuit to empower others to embrace a totally new way of eating. Suzie spent years cutting fat out of her diet, only to find that she felt worse than before. After a little research, she learned that sugar and carbs might actually be the culprit. She immediately shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet and never felt better. Now, she’s on a fierce mission to spread the word that fat is back and sugar is out.

Starting in 2017, Suzie led the launch and expansion of Love Good Fats to exceed $100 million in gross revenue in just over three years. She has received multiple awards, including the 2019 Mompreneur® Startup Award, 2019 WXN Top 100 BMO Entrepreneur Award, The Women of Inspiration 2021 Special Recognition Entrepreneur Award, and 2021 RevolutionHER Entrepreneur Role Model Award.

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Diana Fryc

For Diana, a fierce determination to pursue what’s right is rooted in her DNA. The daughter of parents who endured unimaginable hardship before emigrating from Eastern Europe to the U.S., she is built for a higher purpose. Starting with an experience working with Jane Goodall to source sustainably made paper, she went on to a career helping Corporate America normalize the use of environmentally responsible products and materials before coming to Retail Voodoo.

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