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Food-Tech Goes Vegan with Jennifer Stojkovic

As a food-tech leader, author of The Future of Food is Female, and the founder of the Vegan Women Summit, Jennifer Stojkovic is an amazing woman who continues to push boundaries. She began her career working with renowned Silicon Valley investor and founder of SV Angel, Ron Conway. Following her time there, she entered the food-tech market. Throughout her career she has worked alongside some of tech’s most well-known CEOs holding positions at Google, Microsoft and Facebook. In addition, she has also partnered with a number of fast-growing startups such as WeWork, Cruise and Postmates. Jennifer shares her career journey, what she has learned and the experiences she’s had along the way, all of which have shaped her into the food industry leader she is today.

Today’s episode is hosted by Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo, connect with her on LinkedIn:


-The Vegan Women Summit and its goals
-The motivation behind writing her book “The Future of Food is Female”
-The lessons and unforgettable experiences from her career

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Food-Tech Goes Vegan with Jennifer Stojkovic

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Jennifer Stojkovic
Author, Advisor, Founder of Vegan Women Summit


00:00 | Introduction
03:08 | The Vegan Women Summit
06:48 | Getting Attention
09:53 | Motivation to be a Part of the Movement
14:21 | The Future of Food is Female
25:52 | Exciting Experiences
30:49 | Moments That Stand Out
33:14 | On To The Next
36:04 | Women To Look Up To
37:39 | What’s Next For Jennifer

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Diana Fryc

For Diana, a fierce determination to pursue what’s right is rooted in her DNA. The daughter of parents who endured unimaginable hardship before emigrating from Eastern Europe to the U.S., she is built for a higher purpose. Starting with an experience working with Jane Goodall to source sustainably made paper, she went on to a career helping Corporate America normalize the use of environmentally responsible products and materials before coming to Retail Voodoo.

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