Is the Age of Brand Disruption Over? We Say No.

Industry watchers say that the era of disruptive products is over for the food, beverage, and wellness categories. They say that brands are scaling back innovation and that we’ll be seeing incremental changes to products for the foreseeable future. We say, not so fast. The conversations we’re having with CMOs and the projects we’re seeing […]

How Food & Beverage Brands Become Category Disruptors

A lot of emergent brands in the food, beverage, and wellness categories borrow a page from the tech playbook. They’re out to break things and disrupt the market. And sure, startup brands have a disruption advantage: They don’t have an existing customer base to satisfy, their teams don’t have emotional attachments to old ways of […]

The Competitive Audit: Gauge Your Brand’s Performance

Most of our client engagements kick off with our Competitive Audit. It identifies not just other brands adjacent to yours but everything that competes for the consumer’s attention and dollars. The Competitive Audit is a primary tool in our kit because it’s so useful for gauging a brand’s performance. And it unlocks the path to […]

Wondering What It’s Like to Work with Us?

Fit and results are the biggest factors when you’re looking for a marketing partner. You may be asking yourself, “What is it like to work with Retail Voodoo?” This white paper shares the reasons why brand and marketing leaders come to us for guidance. It gives you a sense of how we might work together […]

Struggling Brand? Fix Your Strategy, Not Just Your Packaging

We know how easy it is for Food & Beverage brands to miss the mark on brand strategy, too often mistaking it for design application, or even marketing strategy or activation. When your brand is faced with a problem — and time, budget, and business are on the line — the alluring promise of immediate […]

Understand the Stacking Effect of Brand Values, Brand Equity, and Brand Value

Marketers and brand managers face tons of pressure to be “boardroom-ready” — to look smart and think on their feet in front of the C-suite. That’s created a sort of buzzword stew, where business terms get used interchangeably. I’m thinking of terms like value and equity. People think they know what the lingo means, but […]

Your Marketing Team Needs to Pivot Quickly. We Can Help.

I’ve recently been having convos with my contacts in the CPG world, and here’s what I’m sniffing: Companies are reducing staff, quietly (not like the headline-grabbing layoffs in tech). And the first departments getting hit are creative and marketing. You may be feeling this pinch yourself. Here’s the thing: The people may be gone, but […]

Making Bold Strategic Moves, Even When You Can’t Foresee the Results

‘Burning platform.’ It’s a phrase I haven’t heard for a while, but it’s popping back up again, maybe because we’re in a period of upheaval for CPG brands. It’s a metaphor for taking action even though we don’t fully know the consequences. (To give you a more vivid description, it came from an explosion on […]

Your Brand’s Success Depends on a Great Team Culture

It’s not uncommon for CPG or FMCG brand leaders to come to us for help with an external problem such as sluggish sales, aggressive competition or disinterested retailers. However, we often find that the problem behind the problem turns out to be an internal one. Employees are disengaged from the work and disconnected from the […]

5 Consumer Research Tools & What They Tell You

As we dive into a new year, we’re advising the brands we work with to make bold yet highly calculated moves for growth. Revisit your retail strategy. Upgrade your product formulations. And reach for new audiences. Finding new consumers — without losing meaningful numbers of your longtime fans — may seem like the biggest hurdle […]

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