Doing Brand Strategy: When Can You Delay, When Must You Act?

Marketing is a discipline of campaigns and deployment and deadlines, so it’s easy to get caught in the swirl of urgency and lose sight of what’s important. The world moves fast for better-for-you brands, especially emerging ones, so leadership tends to bypass one of the most important tasks: building a strong strategic foundation for the […]

Positioning Your DTC Brand for Traditional Retail

Decades ago, technology rewrote the old business adage, “he who has the most gold wins,” to “he who owns the factory wins.” But huge capital and production capacity are no longer real barriers to entry. The new truth is this: She who has the idea — the brand — wins. And nowhere is that concept […]

Marketing Your Better-for-You Brand to Gen Z

By 2020, Gen Z will represent 40% of all consumers. And if you think this cohort is just an extension of the millennials, think again. Gen Z kids and young adults are wired very differently, and that means brands need to engage them differently, too. First, let’s do a quick rundown of the generational breakdowns: […]

Better-For-You Brands: Good is Not Enough

If you’re the leader of a better-for-you brand, take a look at the products surrounding yours on the shelf next time you go to your top retail outlet. All those products are making the same “better” claims that you make. Your commitment to environmental sustainability, your community engagement, and your ethical sourcing practices are not […]

Investing in Food & Beverage? Here’s What to Look For

As of Q2 2018, food and beverage startups had raised $9.5 billion in venture capital investment, representing more than 2,000 deals over the previous five years. And we don’t expect that to slow down any time soon. Because they stand for something beyond selling product, better-for-you (BFY) food and beverage brands rally an army of loyal […]

How to Translate Brand Strategy Outcomes Into Shelf Science

In today’s busy world with packed schedules and cluttered retail environments, it is rare that a consumer will stop to pick up a product by a brand they’ve never heard of before or one that’s not already on their grocery list. But how can your brand’s presence on shelf change that? Given that shopping is […]

Strategies for Reinventing Ingredient-Centric Brands

Every new diet trend spurs a slew of new products and brands. Paleo begat jerky; Whole30 begat plant-based milk alternatives; Atkins begat coconut oil. Fad ingredients do the same — yesterday it was kale and chia; today it’s CBD. But building a brand around the latest ingredient or diet, as though that “thing” is what […]

What to Know Before You Take a Better-For-You Brand into the Big-Box World

Getting product on shelf at a big-box retailer is the holy grail for many better-for-you (BFY) brands. It may be a goal you and your leadership team have been methodically pursuing over time, or perhaps it’s just landed in your lap. (You should be planning for this, if you aren’t currently.) Perhaps your BFY brand […]

Put a Wrap On It: The Rise of Packaging in Fresh Food

As consumers become more in tune with how and where their food is grown these days, the perception of food packaging has shifted — thus opening the door for brands to radically innovate in design and messaging to entice new buyers. Shoppers are looking more closely at certifications to ensure products are made with trusted […]

Founder Fears Associated with Private Equity and Acquisitions

Better-for-you food and beverage has become the investment world’s industry darling. And with good reason. All but the most resistant non-believer understands that what we eat and drink and do to stay active have a direct impact on our health. Combine this with the pace of change that technology affords entrepreneurial business, combined with the […]

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