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Kimberly Lee Minor – Redefining the Naturals Category Through Cultural Transformation

The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has caused businesses and people to again rethink their relationship with brands, businesses and retailers. As brands continue to grapple with the realization that systemic racism is a set of blinders and the uncertainty about how to make the operational, innovation and leadership changes that need to be made, consumers are pushing. If you are brand owner, particularly in the naturals and better-for-you space, this lack of visibility is hampering your growth.
Bumbershoot CEO Kimberly Minor, shares insights and guidance with us around organizational cultural transformation that will provide you with new visibility about the hurdles of black-owned brands as well as share renewed opportunities for growth in becoming better brand and consumer stewards. Black women and families have been naturals a long time, it’s time for our current better-for-you community to see and embrace new ways of being natural and start using our super-powers in
bigger ways.
In this episode, we learn to:
Amplify and empower diversity and inclusion initiatives in ways that drive profit, not simply “check a box”
Create a business culture that is welcoming and supportive so that women and people of color can excel and accelerate their careers
Translate your company values and mission in a way that allocates for wider or different definitions of natural
Identify and support those brands and companies that reflect your vision, using mission and values as a filter

About Kimberly Lee Minor:
Kimberly Lee Minor is a business owner and creative executive who cares about people.
Kimberly is committed to bringing more joy and connection into people’s lives.  To do this she relies on personal insights, losses and hard-won growth achieved in over 25 years of senior leadership in creative customer-centric brands, and even more experience just in my years of living.
Before starting her own business, Lee Minor rolled up her sleeves and got to work – from the executive training program with Macy’s to Express where she received the Key Contributor Award to Footlocker Global, where, again Kimberly was awarded the Key Contributor Award for business innovation and team transformation. From Brand President for London Fog, Joe Boxer & Bongo to SVP of Strategy, Merch Operations & Merchandising at BBW she strived to grow businesses and to help her teams find their passion.
Lee Minor believes that we are at our best when supported by authentic connections of diverse and positively passionate people to influence and empower us.
Using her transformational leadership skills, customer-centric point of view and focus on creating connections she helps business leaders strategically reposition their cultures for collaboration and inclusivity to provide a welcoming and empowering community for career acceleration of women and people of color. I start by listening to the VOC and VOE, evaluating core values and processes to prepare these organizations for a 21st-century workforce, increase the pipeline of diverse talent, improve the desirability of the organization to the candidates, and the retention of the hires.
Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and has completed coursework towards her MBA at Drexel University.  She holds an executive certificate in Leadership and Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She and her husband have 2 sons and live in New Albany, OH.
IG – Kimberly.l.minor
Show Resources
Bumbershoot – Bumbershoot, LLC is a different kind of media company.  We create digital niche communities to influence lifestyles through authentic connection, creative content, informative events, unique experiences, and meaningful philanthropy.
Our team draws on the diverse executive experience of creative and critical-thinking merchants, marketers, innovators, and data scientists in multi-media, fashion and personal care industries who have grown competitive brands and developed engaging product and content introduction strategies that make people smile.
Spiceteria – I’ve been Blessed with a full life – a sweet, salty, sour, hot, and tangy life. All of these flavors, experiences, people, and loves brought me here – to the creation of Spiceteria. A flavor-centric hub for women. Spiceteria’s mission is to bring together women of taste – in a warm, respectful, and welcoming community – bridging tech and humanity through the sharing of stories, themed products, experiences and technology that enhance your life and ensure that you will never be alone.
Authentically Us – A community for Millennial-aged professional women. They are new to the community and relatively new to their careers. The Authentically Us community provides a soft landing for authentic connections, professional development and mentoring, mental and physical well-being, personal development and fun.
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