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Susie Quesada – Leading with Purpose and Values in a 3rd Generation Family Business

Running a family-owned business, no matter how big, is task enough alone. But guiding a family-owned business through cultural change for a better future can be a bit tricky. Keeping recipes and ingredients legitimate can be tough when you know that they’re not always the best for your community’s health. So, how do you care for your culture and community while running a profitable business?
In this episode, join Susie Quesada and I as we walk through the history of her third-generation family-owned business and discuss the peaks and valleys of a changing business landscape and balancing the desires of die-hard consumers and family values as she steers the brand into new territory, leveraging and honoring the strength of the family leaders before her.
In this episode we learn:
The story of Susie’s path from teaching to running the family business. (Grandma’s are the best!)
That consensus building is a strong leadership tool.
How family and cultural values impact business decisions differently than traditional ones.
How to socialize and enroll behavior change for you most die-hard consumers.
That growth and learning come from mistakes. 

About Susie Quesada:
Susie Quesada is a 3rd generation owner and President of Ramar Foods International. As the #1 Trusted Filipino Food Company, Ramar Foods manufactures authentic high-quality tropical ice cream, lumpia and sausages that brings the Flavor of the Philippines to supermarkets and restaurants. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Filipina Women’s Network supporting their mission for a Filipina leader in all industries. 
Susie holds a BA in Multicultural Literature and Education from UC Berkeley and is a Harvard Business School alumni from the Owner/President Management Program (OPM51). 
Susie spends her free time reading, hiking and traveling with her husband. They reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Show Resources
Ramar Foods – #1 Filipino Food company in the United States. Founded in 1969, Ramar’s goal is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to your household. Ramar foods is committed to manufacturing your favorite frozen Filipino food products. Ramar’s success for 50 years of experience in the industry is attributed to its people, its deep relationship with the Filipino diaspora and a commitment to understanding what brings satisfaction to Filipino families. 
Ramar Scholarship Foundation – A charitable organization the provides financial assistance to hard working students.
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