David Lemley

Founder / Chief Strategist

Retail Voodoo is the brain child and manifestation of everything David stands for. He has built this company from the ground up using a combination of grit, determination, and compassion. He’s a true believer of what he does, and that’s what sets him apart.

For 25 years, David has worked in the trenches, using his design chops to drive financial and cultural results for clients. He’s passionate about working with businesses that want to connect with people in a meaningful way—a deeply personal one that immerses, evangelizes and disrupts. He strives to create tribal cults around brands with stark raving fans who share a belief. This belief is a shared vision of a world made better by brands that truly want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Unorthodox and a unique thinker, David has created his own language and vision. He pushes people so that they can begin to see what they never imagined possible—so they can dream bigger dreams than ever before. But this isn’t just the stuff of dreams—it’s actionable. David shows how to design a strategy that harnesses ritual, core values and behavior from the inside out to create a unique, exciting culture for employees and brand fans.

David has spoken at the National Retail Federation, The Design Management Institute, AIGA, The Way Fast Symposium on Brand in Portugal, Art Director’s Club chapters, The American Marketing Association and other various presentations at colleges. He’s taught a course on package design and brand development at the Art Institute of Seattle as well.

He is the author of several articles in Brand Packaging Magazine, DDI Magazine, Packaging Design Magazine, Chain Store Age, and Marketing Profs. He also contributed to the chapter Authentic Brand in the book Design Thinking: Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience and Brand Value (Allworth Press 2010).

If that’s not enough, David has received more than 450 awards for creative excellence including Communication Arts, How, Print, NY Art Directors and National Retail Federation, AIGA, American Corporate Identity, Creativity.

Previous Roles:

  • Design Director, Hornall Anderson
  • Creative Director, LPK
  • President, Lemley Design

What is your earliest childhood memory of being creative?

I was 3 years old living in southern California. My neighbor JuJu and I stole oranges and snuck out and ate them. When I noticed the mist that came out of the oranges as we peeled them and the light shone through those peels, I knew I was an artist.

What is your most memorable music experience?

Driving through the state of Oregon I had ‘How the West was Won by REM’ cranked up to 15 in the car. The combination of that album “New Adventures in Hi Fi” and the speed limit being below 120 MPH is why I’m not allowed to drive through the state of Oregon anymore.

What is your claim to fame?

Smoked meat

What is the best single day on the calendar?


What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?

Everything that I was taught in design school.

What’s your superpower?

Exhortation – Making other people see how bold, iconic, ballsy and futuristic they can be.

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