Diana Fryc

Partner / Sales & Marketing

Diana has used her 15+ years of in-depth experience in marketing, copywriting, recruiting, project coordination, business development and client services to build trust with her customers. Prior to her eight years at Retail Voodoo, Diana was deemed “Paper Queen of Seattle” where she honed her skills in business development and knowing when to push and when to pull. Diana has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of clients’ needs and solving their problems through project management.

She’s enjoyed harnessing her inner adrenaline junkie with the help of Retail Voodoo’s focus in the outdoor, fitness and health categories.

Previous Roles:

  • Brand Manager, smartdept. Inc.
  • Director of New Business Development and Client Services, Lemley Design
  • Paper Queen, XPEDX
  • President and VP, AAF Seattle
  • Account Executive and Business Development, Spicers Paper

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