Eric Wyttenbach

Senior Designer

By day, Eric brings his passion for print and package design to life by helping brands find their true visual identity. By night he is enjoying a multi-course meal with a cocktail or sweating at a bootcamp class. In between Friday and Monday you will find him snowboarding, camping or enjoying the subtle nuances of beer.

What is your most memorable music experience?

Daft Punk live in 2007

Which celebrity trade lives with?

Jeremy Clarkson

Where would you want to live if money/job were not a factor?

In a camping van somewhere on the road with my wife and Goldendoodle.

What’s the most recent book you read?

Ready Player One

What’s your favorite season?

When it’s not raining

What are your work related passions?

Hunting for vintage typography and design in junk stores

Born in Montana | 16 years of design experience

Ready to talk about your project?

Or give us a call at 206.285.6900