Molly Beier

Director of Account Services

By day, Molly combines her love for design, systems, and people with her experience in fast-paced environments to make clients and coworkers happy. By night she is spending time with her newborn baby girl and her husband while enjoying some delicious home-cooked food (usually with cheese involved). In between Friday and Monday you will find her outside, preferably with the forest behind her and the ocean in front of her.

What is your claim to fame?

The ability to cheer anyone up

Beer, Wine, or Spirits?


What’s the most recent book you read?

Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life”

Which celebrity would you trade lives with?

Kerby Rosanes, he doodles for a living

If you were not an Account Director what would you be?

Rehabilitating raptors

What is your superpower?

Being able to bring a pun into any conversation

Born in CA | 12+ years experience in client service

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