360° Brand Development

We devour research. It’s the foundation for strategic decision-making aimed at long-term brand relevance. Data beats opinion and assumption, every day of the week. But data is only useful if it’s guided by your vision, values, and purpose. We have an almost freakish ability to analyze and interpret data through the brand lens.

We leverage it all—from Usage & Attitude and Segmentation Studies (to understand how customers think, feel, and behave with your brand) to digital and old-school market research (for validation purposes)—to illuminate the positioning strategy that will unlock the most opportunity for your brand. Based on our set of best practices, we can help you to determine the right mix of research to achieve your goals.

Audits & Analysis

We conduct a systematic, independent examination of your brand—both internal and external factors—to present a true and fair view of your competitive reality.

Audience Insights

We use demographics, psychographics, and audience segmentation to go beyond understanding who currently buys your products—but also who else should become buyers of your brand in the future.

Research & Insights

These are the core components of a strategic roadmap to move your brand forward. We investigate multiple criteria and establish facts and principles around a specific subject to set the stage for insight.

Trend Analysis

We look at past and current market behavior and dominant patterns of society and sub-cultures to obtain insights on market scenario, consumer preferences, and macroeconomics. You’ll understand how to leverage trends to ensure your products thrive.

Brand Positioning

We’ll guide you to identify and own a niche for your brand so it becomes and remains relevant with employees, retailers, investors, and consumers.

Visual Strategy

This is like a crystal ball that allows your team to peer into the zeitgeist and discover culturally relevant truths that will determine how to visually express your new brand language.

Package Design

Perhaps the most important design asset of consumer brands, packaging needs to deliver your brand‘s promise, explain how you are different from the competitive set, and make it easy to shop—all within about two seconds.

Branded Ecosystem

During our design translation process, we help clients build great branded ecosystems that communicate across channels and audiences.

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