Brand Category Traction Audit

Designed to help brand owners quickly advance on the path from one-of-many in their category to Beloved & Dominant status, our entry-level offering will give you actionable insights in one meeting. We are so passionate about our brand traction audit’s power to accelerate your brand that we have built a webinar series and wrote a book to demonstrate its effectiveness in a wide variety of business scenarios, from scrappy start-up to mid-market legacy brand.

External Perspective

Even well-run companies miss opportunity and disregard challenges simply because they lack the point of view to see them. We’re like a third eye for your team.

Unbiased Assessment

We’ll benchmark performance across seven marketing activities to chart how your brand competes for consumer attention and dollars within your category. You’ll instantly see outages and opportunities.

Consumer Focus

We gather data about the brand and its competitive set at retail. Then we evaluate it strictly through the lens of the promise you make to consumers.

Actionable Insight

This true and fair view of your brand’s competitive reality lays the foundation for confident decision-making and action.

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