Design & Expression

We use design and integrated marketing to connect your brand (and its products and services) to the lives and needs of real people. To do that, we craft the stories, bring your offerings to life, and build societies around them. We harness the principles of ritual, doctrine, and behavior to draw a boundary around your brand to create stark-raving fans.

We believe design is your biggest opportunity to express your brand’s core reason to believe to consumers in a way that creates meaningful connections. Design acts as the shorthand for your brand’s unique voice – speaking to consumers in new, educational ways to empower them to live healthier, happier lives. Our design goal is not merely to create the unique and beautiful, but to ensure your product stands out on shelf, online, and in the consumer’s mind.

Design Services

Visual Design Language
Applied discipline to the creative process allows multiple marketers within your team to execute flawlessly by sharing a common way to describe the overarching scheme that guides the design of all your brand’s touchpoints. It is imperative to establish a core visual design language system for your brand.
Packaging Design
At its simplest level, packaging design is information architecture. The magic happens when shelf science meets innovation and creativity. Our deep experience in building one-of-a-kind packaging systems will help make certain your package demands attention at retail.
Branded Ecosystem
It’s important to have a road map when the design elements from the physical world of packaging, product, and environment translates other forms of traditional communication. It assures that your identity and marketing materials work well on screen. A brand ecosystem integrates social media, digital marketing, and interactive experiences.
Experience Design
There is more to experience design that just UI and UX. Our approach to experience design considers every interaction your employees and customers have with your brand. Experience design focuses on in-store and moves through employee engagement to include the way your business delivers its offering to the world.
Branded Environments
The physical world where people touch and interact with your brand provides an opportunity to create memorable impressions that drive brand engagement. Understanding user behavior, brand strategy, and three-dimensional design enables our team to create transformative branded journeys that connect your story with your audience in a meaningful way.
Marketing Communication
We help clients interact with their key stakeholders in the market by creating messaging promoting their goods and services to targeted audiences. We develop coordinated promotional messages that can be delivered across one or more channels such as print, radio, television, direct mail, and personal selling.
Web & Digital Media
We help our clients to create or update their website experience. It encompasses several different aspects including webpage layout, narrative, user journey, content production, shop-ability, photography, iconography and design. Our team emphasizes intentional user flow, brand driven experiences, and intuitive selling to build powerful online brand expressions for your brand.
Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines (a.k.a. brand standards, style guide, or brand book) are a carefully crafted and tested set of rules that explain how your brand identity and design language work together. These guidelines deliver an overview of your brand’s history, vision, personality and key values, and messaging platforms throughout the design.

Be proud of your work! Great impact on shelf, and the new design change combined with the new recipe has buyers excited (Walmart included!).

  • — Marjolaine DeClaviere / VP Marketing / Russell Stover

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