Innovation Workshop

Long-term relevance requires innovation to connect your brand and its offerings to real people with real needs. That means having pipeline of ideology-driven innovation that insulates your business and creates entry barriers for your competition.

Our expertise in brand strategy and innovation can help your brand build market share and increase relevance for today’s ever-changing consumer. During our immersive Innovation Workshop, you and your team will suddenly see the future of your brand in new ways.

Agile Strategy

We’ll frame our innovation work together by diagnosing the key challenges your company and category face. We then prioritize needs to create alignment on breakthrough ideas.

Rapid Prototyping

For each innovation that shows promise, we’ll develop a powerful narrative framed in your brand. We help your team align on ingredient story, brand narrative, and addressable markets.

Concept Validation

Based upon the group assessments that happen during the workshops, we continue to collaborate with your marketing and R & D teams to analyze and refine the most promising innovations. We build the business case, identify key metrics, establish benchtop product formulations, analyze cost, and validate our thinking through qualitative consumer feedback.

Prioritized Pipeline

We leverage these validated concepts to develop an actionable, prioritized innovation pipeline to help your team confidently move your brand forward with a plan for the future.

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